Seven municipalities
are even better

Each municipality (‘kommune’ in Danish) of the seven in the Triangle Region shares similarities, but also differences. Together, it’s a winning combination.

The seven municipalities in The Triangle Region have a lot in common – great quality of life, opportunities for enterprise, and a central location in the heart of Denmark which includes some of the country’s most scenic spots and a coastline of more than 240 kilometers. But each municipality also brings unique strengths and individual charms, from innovative businesses, to history or great design.

The Triangle Region boasts more than 500 restaurants (hereunder two Michelin star awarded) and 1,500 specialty stores, and a range of luxurious hotels. The area is rich in culture with eight theatres, museums, concert venues, UNESCO World Heritage sites (Christiansfeld and Kongernes Jelling – home of the viking kings), Legoland (the most visited tourist attraction in the country!), plus easy access to the rest of the world via Denmark’s second largest airport with direct flights to major cities daily.

415,000 people live in the Triangle Region, and we are home to over 22,300 companies in more than 70 different fields. We also offer a university and six institutions of further education as well as international schools. And in addition, the renowned universities in Aarhus, Esbjerg and Odense are easily commutable at under an hour’s drive away. In all, The Triangle Region’s population has easy access to 600,000 jobs – and Denmark’s most diverse training.

We’re ready to welcome you in the Triangle Region of Denmark!

The Triangle Region

Our International Community

Internationals are welcomed in the Triangle Region with community, support and networking events.

The Triangle Region is booming and businesses are thriving here. Therefore, we need highly qualified workers with just the right skills – and that’s why we’re committed to attracting and retaining international talent at many levels.

International Community Trekantomraadet offers both professional and social activities to help create networks and integration for newcomers from around the world.

Additionally, International Community Trekantomraadet can give you an overview of the range of international life here – in the seven individual municipalities, throughout the Triangle Region, and in the active international volunteer networks and associations.

Our organization is in fact quite unique; the Triangle Region is the only area in Denmark where each of the municipalities have a relocation coordinator dedicated to advising Danish and international newcomers. We also have a Facebook page in English to share resources and event news.

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