Billund – Play, learning, creativity

Billund offers more than just world-famous toys. This family oriented community is both grounded – and flying.

The coat of arms for Billund Municipality features a bird soaring into the sky on a pair of outstretched wings, above four strong roots reaching into the ground below – perfectly encapsulating the area’s worldwide reach and its strong heritage. As well as having the second largest airport in Denmark, two amusement parks and a loyal fanbase worldwide as the home of LEGO, the town also has a loyal community of locals and newcomers living side by side who engage in their town’s development.

Ole Kirk Christiansen began producing toys in his hometown of Billund in 1930, and the town has become synonymous with the brightly coloured bricks. The family-run business, now owned by Ole’s grandson, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, has always remained true to its roots and is still headquartered in Billund. The original LEGOLAND opened in 1968, making the region a holiday destination for children (and parents!) worldwide.

Since 2012, the LEGO Foundation and Billund Municipality have collaborated to make the town the international Capital of Children, to help create a new center for knowledge for play, learning and creativity. In 2013, The International School of Billund opened its doors to provide creative, high quality academic education to students aged 3 to 16 years, combining the famed Danish teaching system with the International Baccalaureate and LEGO’s decades of research into creativity and learning through play. With the LEGO House ready to open in 2017, plus a wealth of new attractions, Billund is a town spreading its wings and preparing to fly.

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