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The Triangle Region is Jutland’s largest and most dynamic labor market. Here, the towns are so close and the infrastructure is so good that it is completely possible to live in one city and work in another.

We are in the center of the Denmark, and within reach of Copenhagen, Aarhus, the rest of Scandinavia and the world via our international airport. And the Triangle Region offers unique opportunities for you and your partner to find the right job.

The Triangle Region’s central location and seven diverse municipalities create unique opportunities. We’ve got gorgeous scenery, with a long coastline, fjords, rivers and forests that are perfect for fishing, boating and cycling. Several of our cities are right on the water or at the edge of nature areas. This means that you can live within walking distance from the beach or forest, cultural experiences, and vibrant city life.

We have a team of newcomer guides who are ready to answer questions about job opportunities, housing options, schools, and local activities. We look forward to helping you create your new life here!

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Marianne K. Thomsen

Relocation Coordinator
Billund Municipality

Malene Feddersen

Newcomer Guide
Fredericia Municipality

Anita Tjørnelund

Newcomer Guide
Haderslev Municipality

Anne Marie Klausen

Newcomer Guide
Middelfart Municipality

Marie Bøttcher Christensen

Newcomer Guide
Vejen Municipality

Louise Nielsen

Newcomer Guide
Vejle Municipality

Jon Noe

Newcomer Guide
Kolding Municipality

Karen Margrethe Kyhl Winther

Project Coordinator