Fredericia – An open-door fortress

Although founded as a fort in the 1600s, the seaside municipality of Fredericia has always been a welcoming sanctuary. And it’s a good place for business and cultural experiences, too.

Designed and built by Frederick III, the King gave certain privileges to the city, such as freedom of religion and asylum. This made Fredericia a refuge for people from different faiths and gave the place a unique diversity which is still visible hundreds of years later.

Today, the city greets new arrivals with open arms, and its location in the heart of Denmark has helped to make Fredericia the country’s largest conference destination outside Copenhagen. The 33,000 m2 exhibition center Messe C has developed into an international meeting place for diverse groups of people and new ideas.

Fredericia is the first choice for many companies looking to invest and develop in the region. Thanks to an enviable transportation infrastructure, with easy access to cross-country motorways and railways as well as Denmark’s largest commercial port for cargo, the municipality has attracted big businesses both domestically and from around the world. Companies who have made their homes in Fredericia include Carlsberg, Shell, Arla, Electrolux and Dong Energy. With the launch of Denmark C – the country’s largest industrial project comprising of six million square meters of land along the motorway network – Fredericia is ready to welcome even more major enterprises into its fold.

The municipality also a much-loved place to live, with a world-class theatre specializing in musicals and new productions, exciting new restaurants opening up all the time, and plenty of woodland and beaches for those craving a return to nature. The new development projects around the harbor are currently creating living space for future communities in Fredericia – the city that welcomes everyone.