“I Think I Will Be in Denmark For Many Years”

As a young carpenter from Holland working in Germany, Edwin Woltman, knew from an early age this would not be his last experience to live and work abroad. So a few years ago, when his wife suggested he shut down his own carpentry business in the Netherlands and try his luck with a foreign company, it didn’t take long to go from thought to action.

Previously the couple had visited foreign career fairs in Holland, where they looked at the possibilities in Norway and Sweden. Once the decision was made, they started the car and drove north.

“We chose to look to the north, because we knew that there was much focus on a work-life balance. I was not so focused on exactly what job, it should be, just an interesting job where I could use both my hands and my head. In addition, I would really like to go somewhere with more nature and fewer people than the Netherlands,’’ says Edwin.

The couple could not come to an agreement on either Norway or Sweden. Especially, his wife, who thought that Northern Scandinavia was too far away from home; and neither of them wanted to be dependent on ferries or pay expensive tolls on bridges when they visited family and friends.
On the way back home, they visited a Dutch friend in Denmark, who worked at the Danish service provider and installation company, Delpro, located in the Triangle Region. His story sounded so good that Edwin Woltman quickly arranged for an interview at Delpro. Shortly after he was hired.

“I already knew Denmark from several fishing trips and I like the country very much. After the conversation with Delpro I had a really good feeling in my stomach—and it turned out to be correct. I love the Danish work culture. There is little hierarchy, and I really feel that my opinion and effort are highly valued. Plus the job is exciting,” he says.

Edwin Woltman now works fitting and repairing cables, this allows him to travel all over Denmark – and he uses his hands in a different way than he did as a carpenter. But he likes it. In fact, so well that he bought a small house in the country and plans to be in Denmark for a long time. Despite the fact that his wife has temporarily chosen to move back to Holland to be close to her parents, the pair sees each other every weekend – often in Denmark. The journey takes less than 6 hours.

“I see myself staying in Denmark for many years. Here, I have found the perfect mix of a great job, a house in a lovely little village and I am surrounded by nature. And who knows, perhaps I’ll be moving my wife up here soon for the long term, when her parents don’t need her assistance anymore,” Edwin Woltman says.