Middelfart – Sustainability and beauty

With gorgeous surroundings and a strong focus on environmentally friendly businesses and growth, Middelfart is Denmark’s green municipality.

Although the name can sound strange to international ears, the word ‘Middelfart’ literally means ‘waters travelling between’ and the town originally sprang up as a place where travelers by water would begin or end their journey. Today, the municipality has become a popular place for families to set down roots and a central location for businesses.

Despite being conveniently placed just off the highway which connects the Triangle Region with Odense and Copenhagen, Middelfart is surrounded by lush green forest and nestles up against the ‘Little Belt’ – the expanse of sea separating Funen from Jutland – making it a commercial and ecological paradise all in one. Middelfart was the first Funen municipality to sign up to Denmark’s special climate measures and has committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 7% per year until 2019. The region will meet its goal with the support of local businesses, many of whom already employ green technology, plus the backing of Middelfart’s more established companies. These include such thriving businesses as Fiber Line, United Shipping and Danbunkering.

For those looking to make Middelfart their home, there are a wealth of attractions for those coming into the region, from the beautifully preserved half-timbered houses in the center of Middelfart to the upcoming areas around the old harbor, which today includes the KulturØen cinema and restaurants on a tiny island with its own marina. In recent years, several new apartment buildings have sprouted up along the coastal road and the area has become a haven for cyclists and boating fans.

Music lovers aren’t left out either. Every year, Middelfart hosts ‘Rock Under Broen’, a concert event attracting more than 10,000 people from all over the country.

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