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Triangle Events Denmark

Attractions and accomodations

In addition to top-class sports event facilities, we have a unique infrastructure geared to receive athletes, officials, sponsors and guests from all over the world.

We have a large hotel and conference capacity, an international airport in Billund and an efficient traffic infrastructure connecting the Triangle Region with the rest of Denmark and our neighbours in Norway, Sweden and Germany.

Do you wish to stay before and after the sports event and experience our destination, we can offer a wide range of great food, culture, history, world heritage, unique nature and terrain and the iconic LEGO brick.

Accommodations in the Triangle Region

No matter your needs in terms of size, star rating or location, we have a range of accommodations suitable for sports events in our area. In total, you find more than 5,000 rooms available in 2-5 star accommodations, i.e. hotels, hostels, holiday villages etc. If you have any specific inquiries about accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Selected accommodations

In the Triangle Region, you find a wide range of accommodations, i.e. hotels, hostels and inns with cosy and comfortable surroundings, and holiday villages with facilities especially suitable for larger groups that wish to live close to each other.

Our selected accommodations are mainly larger national and international hotel chains with superior service and facilities. All hotels have a large capacity and can provide you with an accommodation package that suits your particular needs.