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Sports Events

Outstanding location and facilities

Right here, in the heart of Denmark, you find a green city region with no less than 423.000 sports passionate people. We have extraordinary surroundings and a long tradition of hosting national and international sports events. Our passion and close cooperation enable us to mobilize volunteers and the best facilities and accommodations for athletes and spectators.

The Triangle Region is 4,266 km2 (1,647 sq miles) of unique nature and terrain, from flat fields and winding roads to the hilly forest and an extensive and spectacular coastline. In short, we offer world-class nature and outdoor facilities suitable for any sports event.

Moreover, we offer several flexible indoor arenas with endless possibilities, all situated close to city centres and suitable accommodations. We are only a short drive from Billund International Airport, with 150 international routes. Moreover, you find direct railway connections via Hamburg and Copenhagen. We also have the unique advantage of direct and optimal infrastructure via the E20 and E45 motorway networks.

Great food, culture, history, world heritage and the iconic brick; you can experience Danish culture here – we have a long list of places worth visiting. Feel the historical presence in Kongernes Jelling – Home of the Viking Kings or feel the thrill at the iconic theme park Legoland.

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World-class surroundings and facilities

The Triangle Region consists of seven municipalities with their characteristics and strengths within different types of sports and facilities. Contact us for more details.