Tour of Scandinavia – ”Battle of the North 2023” will settle in the Triangle Region

Again, this year, the Tour of Scandinavia will be staged in Norway and Denmark. Last year, the race started in Denmark with a finish in Norway. This summer, it’s reversed: with a start in Norway and an epic finish in Denmark.

Danish medal on home ground at MTB Marathon World Championships in Haderslev

Simon Andreassen conquered the podium when the Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships completed a historic Danish summer of cycling. Both Danish riders, Denmark and the Danes have had a fantastic time in the forest, city and on the roads.

Canoe and Kayak Marathon: Setup for World Championships tested at Danish Nationals

The Danish Canoeing Championships was held this weekend at Jels Sø. The Danish Championships was also a test of the event setup that the organisers are testing for the World Championships next year. Athletes and organisers agree: Denmark is ready!

World Orienteering Championships: A show of full speed

Over the past week, orienteering runners from around the world have competed for World- titles in the sprint in the Triangle Area, Vejle, Fredericia, and Kolding. In their footsteps, recreational runners had the honor and experience of a World Class set-up in the heart of the Danish cities.

Finally! - The World Orienteering Championships are here

It might have been the longest warm-up for a major international championship in history. But now it's happening! The World Orienteering Championships start Sunday. Runners, officials, volunteers and organizers are ready for a week in Vejle, Fredericia and Kolding.

'Too Good To Go' X Grejsdalsløbet

Too Good To Go's food waste concept for sports events premiered at Grejsdalsløbet in Vejle on 18-19 September 2021. Surplus meals that had not been sold during the event were sold at a reduced price via Too Good To Go's food waste app.

Indulge in a Sports summer second to none

If you love the competitive thrill, big emotions and sports from the very top shelf, then you’re in for a treat this summer. All across Denmark, you can attend unique and spectacular sports events this summer. Either as a spectator or as a participant.

Three World Championships in 18 months

Sports events are a powerful tool for profiling, and in the Triangle Region, events have become a position of strength because of a unique, collaborative spirit. If you love the competitive thrill, big emotions and sports from the very top shelf, then the Triangle Region is the place to be for the next year and a half. Here, the championships drop like beads on a string.

Athletes have become a hotel professional competence

The hotels in the Triangle Region are used to hosting athletes and spectators. It attracts more events. Very few hotels profile themselves as having a utility room or a laundry room. For good reason; it is the fewest tourists or business people who need a place to wash their mountain bike.

The Triangle Region is a world-class destination

The long list of successful international sports events taking place in the Triangle Region of Denmark speaks for itself. So does a fully booked event calendar for the upcoming seasons, which includes hosting of four world championships, and a stage in one of the world’s biggest cycling races, Tour de France...

'Too Good To Go' will save surplus food from sports events in The Triangle Region

The Danish food waste actor 'Too Good To Go' is expanding its efforts to save surplus food to a completely new area with great potential: major sports and audience events. And they start in The Triangle Region, as 'Too Good To Go' has entered into a strategic collaboration with The Triangle Region Denmark.