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Triangle Events Denmark

Welcome to a world-class event destination

When it comes to sports events, we are just as passionate as the fans and as dedicated as the athletes.

Triangle Events Denmark is the sports event organisation of seven cities in the central part of Denmark. The cities are all based in a region known for its long history of entrepreneurship and today recognised as one of the most dynamic business regions in Scandinavia.

In recent years, the hosting of international sports events has become a core focus of the region using the variety of high-level sports facilities for both indoor and outdoor events.

Major international events already hosted or to arrive in the coming years include stages of Tour de France, the World Orienteering Championships, the UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships and the Canoeing Marathon World Championships.

But in Triangle Events Denmark we have appetite for more because we have the capacity, the commitment and the curiosity to ensure optimal results for all sports events coming to our region.

Strong foundation

Our region already has a strong track record of hosting memorable sports events. Both national and international events. World, European and Nordic championships. Mainstream sports as well as niche sports. Moreover, we have developed our own sports talents and invested in modern, high-quality indoor and outdoor facilities. If you add all this to our already unique location in the centre of Denmark, you have a strong foundation for creating successful sports events in the future.

Success through collaboration

We work from a modern and inclusive mindset focusing on strong partnerships and collaborations. We create links between the local business community, the host cities and sports federations to ensure the best and most successful events that benefit everyone involved.