Vejen – Wide-open spaces & nature

Nature, history and culture merge in one of Denmark’s most beautiful areas along the river Kongeåen. Vejen is spacious enough for agricultural-, production- and distribution companies.

It is true that there are wide open spaces in the municipality of Vejen. That’s the experience of the thousands of hikers, fishermen and paddlers who each year set out on the area’s rich historical paths and waterways. The ancient road ‘Hærvejen’ was used for driving cattle through Jutland down to Germany. The river ‘Kongeåen’ – the king’s river –flows for 60km. And the students at the country’s oldest high school in Rødding, and at the just as famous high school in Askov, figuratively experience the wide open spaces in more ways than one.

Vejen experiences life from nature. One third of the jobs in the municipality are in the agricultural sector, and many other jobs are in food production, including beef specialists Skare Meat Packers, animal transportation experts SPF-Danmark, the third-largest national pork producer SB Pork, and the modern cattle slaughterhouse of Danish Crown in Holsted. In 2016, Vejen was recognized in as one of the top municipalities in Denmark for running a business.

The well-developed infrastructure and the positive industrial climate led Agri-Norcold to build Northern Europe’s largest cold storage in Vejen, Moreover, a number of other distribution and wholesale companies have settled here. Vejen has a surplus of inbound commuters. The active population of Vejen works with both hands and head during the daytime, but also have unique opportunities to gain experiences, exercise and fresh air in their leisure time.

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