We are surrounded by warm and lovely people

“Danes are known for being quite cold people. They’re absolutely not. In fact, they’re the friendliest people I have ever met,” says Fara Hameed.

In 2010, she and her family moved to Denmark from England, because her husband got a new job in the wind power sector. Her oldest child was 7 years old and did not want to leave the UK, but things have changed significantly. “Three years ago we went on holiday in London, and all of my children said they missed Denmark so much. They asked me where the bike paths were, why the milk tasted so bad, why they just couldn’t go back to Vejen now,” she laughs.

Before they moved to the Triangle Region, Fara researched about life in Denmark and Danish culture. The only thing she knew back then, was that Danish people were tall and very good looking. According to the world wide web, Danes were reserved, cold, and impolite, not to mention they were not always friendly to foreigners. Fara has a Pakistani background, and wondered if it would affect her welcome to Denmark. To her surprise, reality was the opposite.

All my Danish friends, neighbours, and classmates are lovely and giving people. My teachers understood my role as a Mother and would give me time to take care of my sick child, when I studied. My neighbours helped me getting into language school and IBC Kolding, not to mention, gave me a warm welcome to Denmark,” she says.