More demand than ever
for international talent
in the Triangle Region

Because of our healthy economy, there’s more demand than ever for international talent and the region’s world-class businesses are renowned for offering rewarding jobs and attractive opportunities for development. Both private and public organizations are on the lookout for internationals to fill roles in the region, and thousands of educated newcomers have already made the move to work and live in Denmark. Many are attracted to the Triangle Region due to the opportunity to combine professional challenges with comfortable living, outdoor pursuits and family-friendly working hours.

Danes are proud of their Work-Life Balance. In fact, Denmark was recently ranked at the top for work satisfaction and feeling empowered at work. In other words, we get the job done and we enjoy doing it.

Don’t speak Danish? That’s okay. And you can learn, for free! Many of the companies in the Triangle Region use English as their business language, and most Danes are excellent at English. Learning the language will take you even further into the culture, and free courses are provided by the government for up to three years.

If you have the talent and the drive to succeed, the Triangle Region is the place to pursue your career ambitions.

Find the perfect work-life balance…

We believe the balance between work and family life is key to wellbeing. Plus, if you’re happy, you’ll be more productive, too.

We pride ourselves on having a healthy work-life balance and nine out of 10 Danish workers describe themselves as ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ – giving us the highest job satisfaction rating in Europe.

The official working week in Denmark is 37 hours, and if you work overtime, you’ll usually be compensated. All employees are entitled to five weeks of holiday and if you have a child who’s unwell, you can take off the first day of their illness with full pay. Working hours are often flexible, and Danish companies are good at respecting employees’ family lives. As long as you’re getting the job done, where and when you do it isn’t so important in many Danish businesses.

Starting from the moment a child is born, the Danish system supports families and offers parents the freedom and flexibility to have a career as well as care for their children. Parental leave is 52 weeks shared by both parents, including mothers taking four weeks before delivery and 14

weeks after, and new fathers being given two weeks at the time of birth. Many companies also offer generous payment terms in addition to the statutory leave. Childcare is readily available and affordable, and most children are placed in daycare when they are between 12 and 18 months old. Parents pay one-third of the cost of the childcare, with the government funding the rest. Every child starts kindergarten at the age of three and Danish school starts at the age of six. There are also private and international schools offering classes in English, again subsidized by the government. The International School of Billund opened in August 2013 to offer international parents and their children a private school option with classes in English following the International Baccalaureate curriculum. The school currently enrolls pupils aged three to 14, and to age 16 for the 2018-19 school year.

As well as clubs and sporting activities for children, there are evening classes, recreational groups and sports societies for adults, too.

Denmark has 7,000 km of coastline and the Triangle Region boasts some of its best countryside so there is always a beach, a beautiful walking route or a mountain biking path within easy reach for an after-work adventure!

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Helping partners
find work

Research shows that while living in Denmark, it is beneficial for your spouse or partner to have a job or participate in some form of education, as this is often the best way to develop one’s own network and social life.

In the Triangle Region, partner life consultant Brit Bagger Thorsø of work-live-stay (WLS) advises spouses on job opportunities and job search best practices.

As a consultant, Brit is available to help partners/spouses with:

  • Clarification of job opportunities
  • Tips on creating a relevant application and CV
  • Information about volunteering, entrepreneurship and local networks
  • Facilitation of internships
  • Contact to relevant companies
  • Contact to the Newcomer Service in the municipality

As well, Work in Denmark offers an excellent ”job search” course for free, targeted at helping spouses to write their CV and a motivated letter of application in a Danish style.

Work in Denmark also offers a free nationwide service called ”Partner Link” which is based on a network of companies that receive and/or supply spouse CVs to the job Exchange.

Get help


Visit the work-live-stay career portal to learn more about the companies in the Triangle Region and find the best matches for your competencies and qualifications.
housing prices denmark triangle region
housing prices denmark triangle region