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The Triangle Region is located in the heart of Denmark and consists of seven municipalities with a total population of 420.000 inhabitants. Furthermore, the unique location provides the best possible access to the rest of Denmark.

The Triangle Region is ranged the most business-friendly area of Denmark. Below you can explore in greater detail what we offer as a business location and how to get in contact.

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Great Reasons to Invest in The Triangle Region


Globally ranked among ‘best for business’

The most business-friendly area of Denmark is the Triangle Region. Considering Denmark is one of the best countries in the world for doing business, it’s been suggested that the Triangle Region may be among the best places globally for starting or relocating a business.

Internationally-recognized companies with expertise in production/manufacturing, cleantech, design, and the food industry have deep roots here, including the beloved toy company The LEGO Group, sustainable insulation innovators Saint Gobain Isover, the design houses Fredericia Furniture and Carl Hansen, clean energy leaders Siemens Wind Power, food ingredient solutions provider Dupont/Danisco and the global meat processing powerhouse Danish Crown.

For foreign companies considering the possibility of establishing business operations in the Triangle Region, and for potential investors seeking insights into the business opportunities here, we offer a team of strategists and advisors to help you assess the range of opportunities in Trekantomraadet, free of charge.

To get started, email us at info@trekantomraadet.dk or call one of our dedicated coordinators.

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Advantageous location and infrastructure

The Triangle Region is an ideal base for industry and production. Businesses in our region operate easily by air, sea and land, taking advantage of Denmark’s well-functioning and well-developed infrastructure. Our international airport in Billund is the second-largest in Denmark and a global transportation hub, offering flights of 60-90 minutes to London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Oslo and Stockholm. For maritime shipping, the multimodal logistics center of Fredericia provides sea access to Scandinavian and Baltic markets as part of the core EU infrastructure.

The “triangle” of the Triangle Region (Trekantomraadet in Danish) marks the intersection of the high-quality motorways and railways in the center of Denmark, connecting Northern European with Scandinavia. Our central location also offers abundant transportation and ground freight access to Germany and the rest of Denmark. Locally, our seven municipalities of Kolding, Vejle, Billund, Fredericia, Haderslev, Vejen and Middelfart offer 240km of coastline, a growing ‘green’ metropolis, and diverse properties for agricultural, industrial, residential and commercial development opportunities.

Explore the Triangle Region on our interactive map.

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Skilled workforce + flexible labor market

Denmark has a very flexible labour market and is one of the top two countries in Europe when it comes to competitive salary levels, according to Invest in Denmark’s Facts about the Danish Labour Market. The Danish workforce is among the most productive in Europe and no restrictions apply regarding overtime work, allowing companies to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With high investments in public education and incentivized life-long learning, Denmark has a generally high competence level of workforce. In the Triangle Region, businesses have access to very favorable upskilling opportunities, including 82 production-oriented vocational education programs.

Our seven municipality job centers coordinate both job placement and skills, creating a labor market with fewer bottlenecks and a single point of contact for your business to access qualified talent.

As you recruit international employees and their families, each municipality of the Triangle Region provides relocation coordinators to assist with integration. Expats are also eligible for free Danish language lessons, complementary partner career support, and Trekantomraadet International Community events. You can direct potential hires to our Live and Work sections of this website, which includes case studies of people who have moved here from abroad.

And if your business is looking for qualified international workers, our team is available to assist you. 

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Generations of sustainability practice

As farmers and factory owners in the Triangle Region, we’ve practiced resource productivity, waste reduction, renewable energy and Denmark’s famously beautiful and efficient design for generations – long before circular economy became a global business trend.

Denmark has the best energy framework conditions in the world regarding access to energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy, according to the World Bank.

The government has a long-term goal of making Denmark independent of fossil fuels by 2050, and we have set an ambitious target of covering at least half of Denmark's energy needs with renewable energy by 2030. The government will work to ensure that Denmark has the most integrated, market-oriented, and flexible energy system in Europe that can handle increasing volumes of renewable energy in a cost-effective manner.” -- Denmark’s Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Chr. Lilleholt

Locally, ground-breaking work in sustainability is taking place in Vejle’s Resilience Lab Denmark, in Fredericia at the organization Energinet.dk, in Middelfart as the co-hosts of the national efforts for clean tech cluster, and in companies big and small throughout the region. A proposed framework for circular production in our region includes profitable and fair business practices, social responsibility, and respect for biodiversity.

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Production experience and innovation

The Triangle Region is Denmark’s industrial center. Our production-driven culture is well-supported by our location in the heart of Denmark and the strong infrastructure of highways, railways, the Fredericia industrial port and the Billund international airport.

Plus, our regional expertise in traditional forms of manufacturing is now being leveraged in our production industry via new forms of knowledge transfer, more effective factory component solutions, and well-coordinated global logistics best practices. In the Triangle Region, we continue to focus on creating the framework that allows companies to embrace and emerge stronger from the challenges of tomorrow. We are a partner of MADE that is working to make Denmark the world's most competetitive manufacturing country. Furthermore, a new excellence center in 3D printing has recently opened its doors to companies and knowledge partners in the Triangle Region. Learn more about NextTECH.

For production and manufacturing companies, we offer business development assistance for free, plus networking or mentorship from an experienced community of growth-oriented business leaders. Get connected

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Cost efficiencies and financial incentives

Several of the Triangle Region municipalities are in the top 20 rankings for business tax-friendliness in Denmark as calculated by The Confederation of Danish Industry, and that’s on top of key tax advantages for corporations nationally:

  • Corporate tax rate of 22%. The effective rate is less, as business expenses and depreciations are tax deductible;
  • Virtually no social security contributions for employers as opposed to many other countries;
  • No capital duty, share transfer duty, nor wealth taxes;
  • Dividends may generally be received/distributed without tax; and
  • Unlimited loss carry forward

Companies in Denmark benefit from a wide range of financial incentives and programmes for funding.  For more information, please visit Invest in Denmark.

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Business networks as growth-creators

A significant advantage while establishing or relocating a business to the Triangle Region is our collaborative business networking culture.

Companies can partner with the Design to Innovate cluster based locally in Kolding, which gives companies access to strategic design research and knowledge to integrate design to achieve growth and improve competitiveness. Vejen Municipality is a member of Danish Food Cluster, a European Hub for Food Innovation. And it’s easy to find mentors or networks in clean tech, production/manufacturing , and even learning through play.

To start a conversation, contact a local municipality business network:

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Entrepreneurial and startup support

The Triangle Region is committed, along with our municipalities, in creating the environment and frameworks which make it easy to create a new business. 

As a nation, Denmark’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is the fifth best in the world, according to the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Index, where Denmark scores top on opportunity for start-ups, technology absorption, product innovation, human capital and risk capital.  Establishing a business in Denmark is easy, and both cost- and tax-efficient.  And the initiative Start-up Denmark is a scheme for talented entrepreneurs who want to grow high-impact startups in Denmark.

Free services and advisors are available in each of our municipalities to discuss your plans and dreams. To find out more, get connected.

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Discover the Triangle Region

The “triangle” of the Triangle Region marks the intersection of the high-quality motorways and railways in the center of Denmark, connecting Northern European with Scandinavia.

Use the interactive map to explore the Triangle Region and get a sense of the many possibilities as a business location by choosing between layers of the map.

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