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the most attractive business region in Denmark

The Triangle Region is the most attractive business region in Denmark. Power of action and brilliant ideas have created some of the country's most successful and innovative business environments. We have Denmark's best framework for growth – and every day, we continue our effort to become even better.

There are many good reasons to run your business in the Triangle Region. We deliver what might be Denmark’s strongest value proposition to the business segment.

The Highest growth in Denmark

Since 2008, the Triangle Region has had the highest growth in Denmark. GDP per inhabitant has increased by 15% over the past ten years (2010-2020). And we have the highest productivity outside Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Denmark’s best image of growth

We continue to measure the value of growth image in the Triangle Region. Year after year, the results show that the Triangle Region has the best growth brand in close competition with Copenhagen. Our latest survey in 2020 showed that 26% of the Danes consider the Triangle Region as the best in Denmark to create growth.

In the heart of Denmark

The Triangle Region is uniquely located in the heart of Denmark. Motorways and railways give access to east, west, south and north. In addition, Denmark’s second-largest international airport in Billund gives you access to the whole world.

The biggest labour market in the western part of Denmark

No place outside the capital region has significant access to a well-qualified workforce as the Triangle Region. More than one million people in the workforce live within one hour’s commute of the Triangle Region.

The production centre of Denmark

With more than 39.000 jobs in the manufacturing industry, the Triangle Region is Denmark’s most vital production centre. Here, we have more jobs in the manufacturing industry compared to Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense combined. World-renowned companies within cleantech, design and food are deeply rooted in the Triangle Region. Also embedded in the area are family-owned companies such as LEGO and Carl Hansen & Søn and international companies such as Saint Gobain Isover, Siemens Wind Power and Dupont.

The centre of transport and logistics of Denmark

Because of our location and extensive infrastructure, the Triangle Region has every prerequisite to being Denmark's natural centre of transport and logistics. More than 14.000 are employed in this industry, and many transport- and logistics companies are located here.

The best environment for business

We take the business community seriously – very seriously. The Triangle Region is known for the ability and will to dialogue and action. We make an effort to create the best conditions for companies. Our seven municipalities perform very well in the yearly national business environment surveys. The surveys also show that the Triangle Region is the leading city region in Denmark with the best business climate.

Denmark’s strongest business region

In the Triangle Region, we know that nothing happens without effort. And we know that we are stronger together – and together, we can offer even better terms for growth. Our seven municipalities have been working together for many years – we are Denmark’s oldest business region with roots back to the 1990s.