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Living here

Life in the Triangle Region

Quality of life

In The Triangle Region, you can live a life with room for family, leisure and career. Here, you find the setting that makes it possible to live a balanced life with focus on all the things that provide quality in your life.

Work life

You have a range of career opportunities in an extensive job market. Whether you want to work in the production industry, the creative world or international conglomerates, you find your opportunity here.


And in your spare time, nature is just around the corner. Here you find open fields, dramatic heights, forests and beaches, in short, a scenery for both romantic walks and an active lifestyle.

Close to everything

Actually, you are close to all the essentials here in the Triangle Region. Even things that seem far away are close. In just one hour you can reach Aarhus, the North Sea or Odense and in two hours you can reach Copenhagen, Aalborg or Hamburg.


In the Triangle Region, you can experience all types of culture - the ordinary, the particular, for kids, for the sports geek and for you who likes thrash metal or water colour. We make sure that the culture scene continuously evolves.


In the Triangle Region, we educate future entrepreneurs, designers, musical stars and business executives. In fact, you can choose between more than 65 different study programmes in one of the most beautiful areas in Denmark.