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Explore our cultural scene

We are proud of our cultural scene, where we have a tradition of prioritizing good ideas - whether they come from experienced cultural people or committed citizens. Our city and cultural life, therefore, offers everyday experiences for both children, bookworms and life-lovers, but also unique world-class experiences for adrenaline junkies, music lovers and discerning art connoisseurs.

Not only do we create the culture of tomorrow, but we also sow the seeds for the stars of the future by supporting and challenging ideas and talent so that dreams come true - for the joy of us all.

Experience a unique part of Danish history

Experience a unique part of Danish history

In the award-winning experience center, you can explore the Viking kings Gorm and Harald, their rune stones, the large shipwreck and the giant palisade that was erected more than 1000 years ago.
Modern art with an international twist

Modern art with an international twist

Trapholt has a permanent collection of modern, Danish visual art and sculptures - as well as changing exhibitions with international artists and citizen-involving contemporary art.

Every year we celebrate culture with 10 days of festivities

Every year at the end of August, there is a festival throughout the Triangle Region. 10 days with more than 600 thoughtful, remarkable and entertaining events within art, music, theatre, dance, lectures and children's culture around the seven municipalities.

'Trekantområdets Festuge' is for everyone. It is one big taste of what cultural life in the Triangle Region has to offer - with the addition of strong national and international spices.

Trekantområdets Festuge is special because part of the events has been created in a collaboration between the area's citizens, associations and cultural institutions, who have joined forces across municipal boundaries to create an event for the festival.

Join us for 10 fantastic days full of life - next year from 26 August to 4 September 2022.