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Living here

We live high quality lives

Life in the Triangle Region is never boring. Here, you find the perfect combination of village charm, nature, and big-city possibilities. You have the opportunity to spend your time on whatever makes your life good.

The Triangle Region is one of the most beautiful areas in Denmark. We have a long coastline as well as belts, streams and forests that invite to walks, hikes, sailing and cycling. Many of our cities are close to the sea or woodland. Therefore, many of our citizens are so privileged that they live close to both the beach, the forest, the cinema and the pulsating life of the city.

What is quality of life to you?

We believe that balance between family, career and leisure is the key to the good life - and here in the Triangle Region we have the right setting.

Here in the Triangle Region, we value our communities. Whether you are a passionate soccer fan, artsy, stay-at-home parent, e-sports talent or into making pottery we have a community that you can join. Do you want to learn more or find a contact person? Our skilled and kind relocation guides can help you in the right direction.