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The heart of Danish production

The manufacturing industry is a strong driver in the Triangle Region. With more than 39.000 jobs in the manufacturing industry, the Triangle Region is the most important industrial region with great international competitiveness reached by focusing on innovation, design and technology. In other words, the Triangle Region is the centre of production in Denmark – and our contribution to the overall prosperity is the second largest in Denmark.

The Triangle Region has a historically strong industrial position. Since the 1800s, the Triangle Region has been shaped by the industries that have contributed to the wealth of Denmark.

Because of our strong focus on creating the best possible conditions for innovation and development, the manufacturing industry is far from history in our area. Companies in the Triangle Region perform better than production companies elsewhere in Denmark. For example, 3.000 new jobs in the manufacturing industry have been created here since 2015.

Industrial skills

It is no coincidence that we have more jobs in the manufacturing industry than Denmark's three largest cities – because we have a production talent – on the factory floor, in management, and the laboratories. The density of production companies in our area means it is easier to develop, attract and maintain a competent labour force.

Robust infrastructure

Furthermore, the physical conditions for industrial production are ideal in the Triangle Region. The central location in the middle of Denmark is strengthened by a vital infrastructure including motorways, railways, an industrial harbour and an international airport. Utility companies ensure the security of supply and sustainable solutions at a competitive cost. Furthermore, the Triangle Region has Denmark’s fastest broadband internet.

Forceful strengths

The manufacturing industry in the Triangle Region is diverse – with many forceful strengths:
With just about one in four jobs in the food industry, this business plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry. All parts of the value chain from agriculture and fish farms to slaughterhouses, dairies and retail, and laboratories and production of manufacturing units are represented in the Triangle Region. The cluster of stainless steel is one of the eldest clusters in Denmark – and the strongest in its field north of The Alps.
Green transition and sustainability play a big part in many of our companies. Energy and environmental technology are some of the main strengths. In the Triangle Region, you can find large energy companies such as energy producers, distribution companies, windmill manufacturers and many subcontractors. One of our newest adventures is Power-to-X. Via a binding corporation between municipalities and the right companies, the Triangle Region has the best conditions to be a crucial hub for green fuels.
The Triangle Region also has strengths within design, play and learning. Exceptional competencies that create designer furniture, LEGO bricks and arts and crafts products generate value in manufacturing entirely different products such as food, packaging, and steel components.

Eurofins: 'We have an ideal location'

Vejen is the ideal location for Eurofins' Danish headquarters with customers and partners across the country. Eurofins in Vejen is part of the world's largest independent analysis institutes with 400 divisions and 31,000 employees across the globe.

Strong collaborations

Being the production centre of Denmark comes with great responsibility. Therefore it is an honour to support the development. We support growth through solid collaborations and initiatives across municipalities, companies, educational institutions and other central actors in the Triangle Region.
We secure the flow of knowledge and skills to benefit the industrial and manufacturing industries – and the whole Triangle Region.

Optimal supply chain conditions

Danish supply chain players and the Danish supply chain conditions are among the best globally. Consequently, Denmark tops the IMD ranking as the country with the best distribution infrastructure in the world (IMD, 2021). This is not due to a single factor but comes down to two cross-cutting elements; transparency and collaboration, which act as a strong foundation and influence every part of the supply chain in Denmark.

The manufacturing industry in the Triangle Region is known for a flexible, modular and highly adaptable production setup, which is ready to meet customised demands within a short lead time. Agile production processes are supported by a digitalised production infrastructure, resulting in very resilient supply chains and high efficiency and productivity. The unique and transparent approach to collaboration and network across the manufacturing industry ensures agility and innovation. Such flexible and agile production processes suit global needs and increase manufacturing resilience.