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Eurofins: 'We have an ideal location'

With customers and partners across the country, Vejen is the ideal location for Eurofins’ Danish headquarters.

Eurofins in Vejen is part of the world’s largest independent analysis institutes with 400 divisions and 31,000 employees across the globe.

About 1.000 of those works in Denmark; primarily in Vejen, which is the largest of the company’s three Danish addresses.

It is no coincidence that Vejen became the largest location, says Svend Aage Linde, Eurofins Danish Director:

“In Vejen we have an ideal location – in the middle of our value chain,” he says:

“We are in close proximity to some of our primary customers in, for example, the food industry, and our logistics for receiving samples and for customer visits are made easy. Our location is ideal in many ways,” he says.

Eurofins supplies the environmental, pharmaceutical, agricultural and food industries with chemical and microbiological laboratory analyses, and their cross industry work extends up and down stream in the entire value chain. The most widely known is Steins Laboratory, which works primarily with food safety and analysis, and has been doing so for more than 150 years. It has been part of Eurofins since 2006 under the name Eurofins Steins Laboratory.

With three addresses in Denmark and foreign ownership and activities in 40 countries, the question of whether the location in Vejen is still the right one has been a subject for some consideration:

“There are alternative locations outside Denmark with salary levels that, seen from a corporate viewpoint, are more attractive. But here we have the right combination of logistics and customer proximity. We are close to our knowledge partners in Skejby and to the universities in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. That is very important,” says Svend Aage Linde.

Eurofins is a highly specialised company with numerous chemists, pharmacists, engineers, microbiologists and toxicologists, who, together with highly qualified technicians, form the core of permanent staff; something that the location in Vejen does not stand in the way of:

“We had considered whether a location in Vejen could present a challenge for attracting the many academics that we employ but it has not been an issue. We have a steady influx of highly competent employees,” says Svend Aage Linde.