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No better place for my kids to grow up

”I feel that life is more organized here,” says the 33-year old Santhoshkumar Vanaparti, better known as Santhosh.

5 months ago, he switched his office in LM Wind Power in the South Indian city Hyderabad to their Danish departement in Kolding. According to him, it was a ”bold choice”. Nevertheless, he never regretted his decision.

”I have always worked in the wind industry. Today, I work in the leading country for wind energy. Not only has moving to the Triangle Region benefitted my career, the Danish work culture has given me more balance in my personal life. I have time to be a father and a husband, too,” he says.

The cold North was not completely new to Santhosh. During his work life in LM Wind Power in India, he had been visiting Denmark on business trips. He liked the peaceful atmosphere, which was a significant contrast to the busy citylife back in India. He moved with his wife and two children to downtown Kolding. ”I believe there is no better place in the world for my kids to grow up. My oldest daughter is 6 years old, and she is already adapting the Danish language. She is my teacher,” he says and laughs.

He mentions the work place difference between South India and the Triangle Region. ”In Hyderabad, my office was completely full of employees. Maybe too many. It was more hectic, and our work schedule was longer. Here, it’s possible to focus even more on your work tasks, because the office is quiet, neat, and serene,” he says.

Of course, another new thing about living in the Triangle Region is the people living there. ”I believe Danes are not so easy to mingle with compared to Indians. But as soon as you break the ice, you understand how friendly they are. I’m very happy with my colleagues,” he says.