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The Triangle Region is a world-class event destination

The long list of successful international sports events taking place in the Triangle Region of Denmark speaks for itself. So does a fully booked event calendar for the upcoming seasons, which includes hosting of four world championships, and a stage in one of the world’s biggest cycling races, Tour de France:

- If we skim the list of hosted sports events along with the ones in pipeline, we must say, that the Triangle Region has entered the international scene of sports events for real. The region has established itself as a serious and professional candidate for future hosting of international sports events, says Head of Sports Events in the Triangle Region, Thomas Kastrup.

In addition to the Tour de France Grand Départ in Vejle in 2022, the Triangle Region can look forward to no less than four world championships: World Orienteering Championships 2022 (Fredericia, Kolding and Vejle), UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships 2022 (Haderslev), 2022 Wheelchair Rugby World Championships (Vejle) and ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships 2023 (Vejen/Jels).

Strong infrastructure is our competitive advantage

According to Thomas Kastrup, a strong and coherent destination concept is the one thing that makes the Triangle Region competitive in attracting international sports events:

- The Triangle Region’s unique destination concept is hard to find elsewhere. Not only, do we have top-class facilities, but also an infrastructure capable of hosting athletes, officials and guest from abroad: We have a great hotel and conference capacity, an international airport in Billund and an effective infrastructure in terms of transportation, states Thomas Kastrup.

The associations are our backbone

He emphasizes that infrastructure is not the only thing that makes the Triangle Region a perfect event destination. It is also the remarkable engagement from volunteers in the strong and ambitious sports associations in the Triangle Region.

- There is no doubt that it takes a tremendous amount of work from volunteers and associations to make a successful sports event happen. However, I witness a very strong and committed environment around the local sports associations that are very eager to host championships. Several associations have yearlong experience with hosting championships, which gives a sense of pride and community – and a unique experience and development of the local association, says Thomas Kastrup.

A good example is ’Fredericia Triathlon Team’ that hosted the World Championships in 1995. Since then, the local association has continued a strong engagement in hosting events and has gained a range of competencies.

Another example is ‘Vejle Judoklub’, which soon will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Matsumae Cup/Danish Open.

Our nature is the perfect setting for outdoor sports

In addition to strong associations and effective infrastructure, the local and geographical qualities are also an important aspect of the Triangle Regions profile as a sports event destination, Thomas Kastrup states.

- The Triangle Region is an area where several cities are situated close to each other, and where city centres and harbours function as setting for sports events. However, the region also has some of the most extraordinary nature in Denmark, which is perfect for outdoor sports and high-level event hosting, says Thomas Kastrup.

- Lillebælt has been recognised as one of the world’s best waters for match race and sailing. Haderslev Dam is unique for rowing as well as Jels Sø is excellent as a canoe and kayak venue. Also, the big forest areas and hilly terrain create great possibilities for our area in terms of outdoor sports, says Thomas Kastrup.

Cycling – a unique strength in the Triangle Region

In particular, the hills, the picturesque winding roads, and the well-known gradients in the Triangle Region appeal to cycling.

- Cycling is very special. It is a popular activity and sport with a huge audience and potential for branding and business opportunities. However, in the Triangle Region we have a unique position in terms of cycling – it is our speciality, says Thomas Kastrup, and mentions the Kingdom of cycling ambition in Vejle as an example.

- We have the facilities, surroundings as well as administrative and volunteer powers to host sports events of this type. The upcoming Tour de France Grand Départ and UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships 2022 show that and is a unique strength we continue to develop, says Thomas Kastrup.

The Triangle Region continue to build upon a strong event resume

The continuous development of the Triangle Region as an international sports event destination is a strategic task that the Head of Sports Events is passionate about:

- We see great potential for even more sports events in the Triangle Region. Now we will be focusing on utilising the effects that these sports events bring. It is important that we use this foundation to attract future events to our region, says Thomas Kastrup.