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Canoe and Kayak Marathon: Setup for World Championships tested at Danish Nationals

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Camilla Hostrup Steenholt
30. August 2022

The Danish Canoeing Championships was held this weekend at Jels Sø. The Danish Championships was also a test of the event setup that the organisers are testing for the World Championships next year. Athletes and organisers agree: Denmark is ready!

Making big, international sports events happen is a discipline for sure, and as with many other disciplines, it takes time to optimize and make things perfect. During this weekend's Danish Championships in Canoeing, the organisers tested the arena and the area in general.

"Jels Sø is a new arena for the marathon. We were excited to see how we could utilize the full potential of the arena. Now in hindsight, we have many learnings about the lake and area. We are very hopeful about next year's event where we will be hosts of the World Championships along with Vejen Municipality, Triangle Events Denmark and Sport Event Denmark", says Christian Jacobsen, director of the Danish Canoe Federation.

The Canoe and Kayak Marathon has become a very popular race across Denmark. The marathon distance takes place in streams, lakes and fiords typically as a one-day event (or more). The track is marked with buoys at the turns. As a special touch, the marathon distance has several elements where the athletes have to carry the canoe or kayak approx. 80 metres on land, put it back in the water and continue. Especially these elements were a focus area in terms of the World Championships next year.

"The Danish organisers are very professional and well-organised. They have spent this year testing the setup for next year, and I am very happy with the results so far. Jels Sø will make a beautiful setting for the World Championships in 2023", says Ruud Heijselaar, chairman of the marathon committee in ICF, the International Canoe Federation. "I am also pleased to be part of the management of the 2023 World Championships, where we can draw on learnings from the European Championships in Silkeborg (in Denmark) in July this year. This will be an advantage for us."

In the months to come the organisers and ICF will intensify the preparations for the World Championships, which takes place from August 28 to September 3 2023.

The World Championships will be inspired by a Viking theme. The Vikings were champions on water, partied like no others and explored with stamina. This inspiration will be passed on to athletes as well as volunteers and spectators.

The Canoe and Kayak Marathon World Championships are organised by Triangle Events Denmark, Vejen Municipality, Sportscenter Danmark, Dansk Kano og Kajak Forbund (DKF) and Sport Event Denmark.